About UDS

United Development Sydney is a integrated property investment, development and management company that assists overseas investors successfully navigate the Sydney residential, hotel, serviced apartment, commercial and retail markets. We have the expertise and experience to assist our clients at every stage of the development journey – from acquisition to construction, sales and marketing to property management.

Our Mission

We aim to use our property asset management capabilities to tap into international capital markets, expand our reach and grow our clients’ investments.

We do this by building strong management teams on the ground in every market. We distinguish ourselves by building quality residential and commercial properties that meet the needs of local communities while being both architecturally remarkable and highly profitable for our investors.

We use our tailored, end-to-end property development and management solutions to drive investor growth and shareholder value as we expand our brand presence in the global market.

Our Operating Principles

These principles and values define our company. They drive our thinking, activities and processes while focussing on what matters most to us – excellence, relationships, responsibility and people.

Our people are our greatest resource. We respect and empower them by listening to and sharing their ideas. We care about our people's wellbeing.

We pursue excellence in everything we do. It drives our company growth and strength.

We make a difference. Our projects focus on adding value to the community while remaining profitable.

Our Team Values

We’re professionals. Our ethical standards always guide our actions.

We’re innovative. Our work is based on trust and building lasting relationships to deliver the best results for all.

We never forget our social responsibility. The development and mentorship of individuals is a crucial focus within our company.

We advocate balance. Every member of our hard-working team is committed to balancing work and life balance, so our strong relationships support our passion for what we do.

The UDS Team

Our highly-experienced, results-driven team boasts a diversified skill set in property development, construction, finance, sales and marketing, hotel development and management. This combined expertise ensures we always achieve the highest professionalism and results in project selection, assessment, risk mitigation and delivery.


Our parent company – Shanghai Lian Yao Investment Co, Ltd – specialises in overseas property investment. Located in the Shanghai Free Trade Area, it combines several renowned real estate enterprises, including:

China Huajian Holdings Limited

Greenwood Capital Pty Ltd

Zobon Real Estate Co., Ltd

HuaFang Group of China.

Shanghai Nanyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd

In February 2016 – as Sydney property values boomed – Shanghai Lian Yao Investment Co. Ltd. established UDS to expand its overseas portfolio into the Australian market and its company’s representative, consulting and managing entity in this country.

UDS Partners

Shanghai Lian Yao Investment Co, Ltd

Shanghai Lian Yao Investment Co, Ltd. unites and was founded by several, long-standing and renowned estate enterprises, in order to form a single brand entity, to conduct offshore business. This single brand is located in the Shanghai Free Trade Area and specializes in overseas property development investments.

The Shareholder Companies

China Huajian Holdings Limited Greenwood Capital Pty Ltd. Zobon Real Estate Co., Ltd. HuaFang Group of China