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It is February and we are enjoying the Australian summer

Summer and the work on the Castle Residences is well on the way. We thought - a newsletter sounds exciting and in the same time it gives us the opportunity to keep you informed on what is happening with your new home or investment. With four issues a year - spring, summer, autumn and winter - we like to acquaint you with some of our team members and partners; share with you up to date news and facts; inform you on the hotel and the heritage listed Porter House status and most importantly introduce to you new technology within the buildings.

Meet our partners

APP – Project Management

APP Corporation is an integrated property and infrastructure consultancy operating across Australia. The company generally acts as an independent client representative to assist clients through the capital investment cycle of their assets. Typically, this includes assisting them with strategy, defining scope, management of delivery or even transitioning an asset into operation.

APP’s national business works on $24B of capital value for over 500 clients across more than 800 projects annually. Engagements span all sectors ranging from small town planning approvals, to national retail rollout programmes, asset portfolio reviews, end-to-end landmark projects and to multi-billion-dollar infrastructure transport networks. APP Corporation is the Project Manager for United Development Sydney on the Castle Residences and MGallery Hotel high rise development in Sydney’s central business district.

Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson Builders is one of Australia’s largest building and construction companies. Established in 1912, they continue to evolve to meet market demands. From humble beginnings, they have grown to become an accomplished deliverer of sophisticated projects across a comprehensive portfolio.

Hutchies is a vibrant and dynamic construction company. Their business has been built on the basis of people and relationships. Their success has grown from a unique organisational structure and culture, and the enduring partnerships they have nurtured with suppliers, sub-contractors and clients. They have evolved to a level of sophistication through a focus on collaboration and consistent performance. 

Status of the building - Castle Residences

Did you know - 2018 in one of our website news we defined the who’s who of Sydney’s social scene can be divided into two camps – heritage or state of the modern art. In the new Castle Residences developed by UDS Australia, located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, both worlds – grand heritage living and pure modern luxury – are presented in unity.

As all three sections – Residences, hotel and Porter House – occupy the same site, the progress in the ground is the same, however distinctively different is the behind the scene work. Over the recent months our engineers, consultants, architect and the builder have been busy in drawing up plans, diagrams and in capturing each little item within the project. This vital part of any development is an ongoing task throughout most of the building process.

A huge amount of time was invested to further refine the building design internally and externally to ensure processes are aligned, materials and colours work together all the way down to how the rainwater is flowing to its designed place.

If you never build yourself, you need to envisage this project as a humongous puzzle with a million bits and pieces. To make it even more challenging our pieces differ in size and cover everything from a small screw just a few mm in diameter to pieces with a weight of several tons and a length of 10 m or more.

Not to worry, our highly skilled and professional team within the Castle Residences are ready to deliver an outstanding product to you, the community and UDS. 

Hotel - The Porter House Hotel MGallery by Sofitel

Did you know .........

The design of the hotel and the Porter House building is progressing well and over the recent month the whole team consisting of architects, designers, engineers, consultants, builders, AccorHotels and UDS have worked continuously and vigorously to ensure the Porter House Hotel MGallery by Sofitel will stand magnificent amongst other famous buildings and hotel brands within the Sydney - CBD.

MGallery by Sofitel is a collection of boutique hotels dedicated to lovers of life, literature and culture. Each MGallery hotel stands as a gateway into another world – be it a bygone era, a hidden haven or a spectacular natural landscape. The collection is comprised of historic luxury hotels, many of which have hosted historic figures or iconic poets and authors. Others are stunningly modern designed hotels, utterly unique in the cities they inhabit. In every case, MGallery hotels are each inspired by their own stories, which you’ll hear whispered through the halls, echoed in the artful design and layered into the details of signature dishes and cocktails.

The Porter House, the designated main hub of activity will be the home of the hotel reception, offer fresh baguettes and delicious wines in Henry’s Bread and Wine, a fresh flower shop - all to be experienced in the atmosphere of the smell of freshly, roasted coffee beans. Fresh food and flavours will be on offer at Dixon & sons. In our bar the Spice Trader, we serve unique drink creations and experiences. Conferences, private dining – no worries, the Porter House can cater for all. 


Project technology - Demag Automated Parking System

Who is DEMAG

Demag is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial cranes, crane components and comprehensive service. Demag’s extensive product range includes a wide array of solutions for specific industries for travel applications, load handling at the workplace and material flow in production and storage.

Demag’s customer approach has a long tradition that dates back over a 120 years history. It began in 1819 with the establishment of “Mechanische Werksta?tten Harkort & Co.” in Wetter an der Ruhr, Germany. In 1840, Demag started manufacturing overhead travelling cranes, concentrating on the production of cranes and crane components at an early date, also including hoist units with an electric drive since 1910.

MHE Demag is a joint venture between parent companies Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd and Demag Cranes & Components Gmbh operating in the Asia Pacific Region since 1972.

> 60 branches > 11 factories > 700 service engineers

With the following ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Certifications

MHE Demag sources premium components from Germany, Sweden & China manufactured from companies directly associated within the Jebsen & Jessen and Demag parent companies. 

AGV – Automated Guided Vehicle Parking

South East Asia – Car Parking System

  • Automated car parking systems installed > 202; First Installation - 1986 > In Operation – 6,784 spaces
  • Under Construction – 945 spaces

How does it work.....

* For Castle Residences the Residents will interface with the Hotel Valet who will operate the parking system. This will be either by phone or a Valet “app” to connect the Resident and the Valet.
* When Parking, the Hotel Valet is the ONLY person who drives the car into the lift. The valet is verifying all persons are out of the vehicle, no children/animals remaining, and the vehicle is in sound condition.

* Retrieving a car from the system the Valet schedules the removal of the car to ensure retrieved cars are not “waiting” unnecessary.
* A CCTV system will show the operation of the vehicles.
*Within the next few weeks we will upload a car park “how it works” video. 

Facts, Facts and more Facts

Late last year we concluded the archaeological dig within the site. All the findings have been catalogued, safely stored and were possible we will display them within the finished product.

Ford Civil, our early works contractor is getting closer to reach the final depth for the base of the building. Up to now Ford Civil Engineering has removed 2,500 truckloads of materials from the building site and we are currently deep into the ground from street level and very close to our final required depth.
Ford Civil Engineering has lifted an 80 tonne D10 Dozer into the site, equipment utilized in order to reach the bottom basement level also include 2 x 20 tonnes excavators with rock saws, 1 x 14 tonnes excavator, and 1 x 20 tonne telescopic excavator.

In the meantime, our builder Hutchinson has moved into the Porter House and set up their site office. Weather permitting, they will start work in the site during February and one of the first task will be to lift in and built up the first of two cranes.
By mid-March, the site will receive the first of its two tower cranes which stands 80m high above the 26m deep basement, with a 20-tonne lifting capacity.

Roughly - 4.500m2 of high performance double insulated glazing will be needed to complete the facade of the project. The high-performance glass being used cannot be made in Australia and is sourced from China, the Aluminium Frame is manufactured and assembled in Australia. 

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